24 June 2022

Go Green with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Mr. Sunny Yolk explains how to go green with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Ever felt like an egg being fried in a frying pan when you are supposed to take a breezy walk outside for a refresher? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Climate change is making its presence felt with increasing unbearable temperatures. Let Mr. Sunny Yolk (a victim of climate change) explains how you can go green and do your part for the planet with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) whose name is pronounced the same as wreck, is a market-based instrument that represents one megawatt-hour (1,000 kWh) of energy generated from a clean renewable source such as wind, solar, hydro, or certain types of renewable biomass. RECs are traded worldwide and especially by RE100 climate group, a global corporate leadership initiative bringing together influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. We purchase and retire these RECs through TIGRS Registry to clearly track the clean renewable energy produced, transferred and retired. RECs can be used to offset carbon emissions produced by the electricity consumed in your household.

Wonder why you can go green with RECs when you are not consuming actual renewable energy? This is because RECs are tradable. Renewable energy producers sell RECs for additional revenue to fund their renewable energy projects. Buyers of RECs then become indirect advocates for renewable energy projects.

By demanding RECs, you are being part of a green movement!

How do I purchase RECs?

As the limited land size and geographical features restrain the development of renewable energy facilities in Singapore, you might want to turn to the global market to purchase RECs. If you plan to do so, be sure to verify the authenticity of your RECs to ensure you are really going green. This process can be tedious for a busy consumer looking to go green which is why PacificLight is now incorporating RECs in our electricity plan to help you go green hassle-free!

Be Part of the Green Movement with PacificLight!

Go green with Sunny Side-Up 12 Plan, the lowest-priced green plan in town to receive free RECs!

In collaboration with T-REC.ai, PacificLight disburses RECs based on actual electricity consumption annually in October to subscribers. These RECs are accredited by a long-established global registry APX. Every REC you receive comes with a unique registration number so that you can validate its origin on T-REC.ai anytime.

Also, don’t miss out on the green rewards exclusive for our Sunny Side-Up 12 customers!

Let’s all do our part for Mother Earth!

Mr. Sunny Yolk hopes you walk away from this article with knowledge and drive to secure a more sustainable future for our future generations. If you have more questions regarding the Sunny Side-Up plan and RECs, more details can be found here.