11 October 2021

Slay Electricity Creepers

The scariest part about receiving electricity bills is not how expensive it is, but not knowing what contributed to it. Look no further because we’ll show you how to eliminate these creepers like ghostbusters.

Source: https://bit.ly/3aix6pl

Electricity leeches

Do you have many plugs resting in your wall sockets? They may seem harmless when the switch is off but the reality is that a small amount of electricity may still flow through and that adds up to your total electricity consumption.

If you’re leaving your house, switch off appliances like water heater, aircon/fan, TV, sound system, and computers. Unless you have unexpected guests visiting your place when you’re not home… *Shivers*

Best case? Simply unplug when not in use.

Pro-tip: Use an extension power plug for all your appliances. If not in use, unplug the main plug instead of every single plug in the wall. Slay it!

Heavyweight champions

Cooling and heating take up one of the biggest electricity consumptions at home.

Find our article here on how to save on these two appliances at home. Still afraid of cold showers? We have remedies for that.

Water heater tanks functions like brewing a pot of soup, it takes more energy to heat up compared to instant water heaters. Each time you switch it on/off, water in the tank cools down until you switch it on to re-heat. Sounds as tiring as the electricity used to power that. Instead, look out for water tanks that has a keep-warm function to optimize your bathing needs!

The smaller instant heater may look innocent compared to the big boys, but they can pack a punch too! Unlike heating an entire water tank, instant heaters heat up water as it flows through the heating element.

For a standard HDB flat usage, it may be the perfect choice as the usage is generally smaller and is dependent on your demand. However, allowing water to be heated over a prolonged period will still increase the electricity bills too!

By now, you may have warded off some of these electricity creepers... Unfortunately, electricity bills will still haunt you every month. You can ward off this monthly scare simply by setting a recurring bill payments with your credit cards. In addition, nobody likes being paid late or be charged with any late payment fees. Hence, with the monthly recurring payment method, you don’t have to constantly remind yourself to pay the bills amidst busy schedules. Let your bank/card company notify you through SMS or via their App.

There are more benefits to setting up recurring card payments with us. You get to

  • Receive Security Deposit Waiver
  • Enjoy cashback or rebates with selected credit cards
  • Lowers the chances of billing scams

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