June 07, 2021

Learn to Save!

Picking the best electricity plans is just one of the ways you can save more on your monthly electricity bills. Learn to save electricity bills for free!

Feel the Chill

In Singapore, we have to accept our fate that it’s hot year-round and I bet you have already heard this countless of times, “set your AC temperature at 25 degrees.” But did you know that there is more you can do to your AC?

If you use your AC daily, then be sure to check the filter monthly and wash or change it once it gets all clogged up like this. Yuck…

As for days where it’s more cooling, why not just stick to using the fans?

Cool yourself down

We always complain of the unbearable heat in Singapore so why not take a colder shower to cool yourself down? In fact, showering heaters are one of the biggest source electricity consumption. You have probably heard enough of taking quick showers to save on your water and utilities bill, but to save on electricity consumption, not switching on the heaters is the way to go!

Get the best deal

Yes, we have the best deal for you, the Confirm Save 24! It guarantees you savings all day. It does not matter when the regulated tariff is high or low, the Confirm Save plan lets you pay 23% less than the regulated tariff! With this plan you can rest easy knowing that you can ‘confirm save’ on your electricity bills!

That’s not all, from now till 30 June 2021, we are rolling out our Stay Home Promotion! Receive up to S$88 off when you sign up for a 36-month plan or $68 off for 24-month plan when you switch to PacificLight!

There are many ways to save on your electricity bills, but why not start with the easiest way? Switch to PacificLight today in just a few simple steps. Lock in that savings and you can confirm save every single day.