14 April 2022

Late Payments Begone

Never miss a bill payment. Have your monthly bills automatically to save yourself the trouble when making payments manually. In Singapore, late payment fees go up to as high as 5%! But hey! Everybody prefers to receive money on time. Make timely payments and this can be easily avoided.

In PacificLight there are 2 ways to avoid receiving late payment fees!


Sit back, relax, and automate your processes! Simply set up GIRO arrangements with your preferred bank. You may set a preferred payment limit just to keep your payment amount in check too! For a seamless payment process, set up via DBS or UOB’s internet banking.

Recurring Bill Payment

If you have a credit card lying around, make the most out of it!

Like GIRO payments, your bills will be automatically deducted monthly. Setting up recurring bill payments with credit cards grants you a security deposit waiver. In addition, there are credit cards out there that may earn you cashback from utility bill payments. Thank goodness for cashback cards!

PacificLight accepts locally issued VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX cards for Recurring Bill Payments.

Sunny Savings of up to $290 off

New to credit cards? Well, you’re in luck! Sign up for a UOB card and receive up to $210 cash credit! To top it off, sign up for a PacificLight 24-month plan to receive a one-time $80 bill rebate.

We’re not leaving out existing PacificLight customers! Get $20 off when you set recurring bill payments with a UOB card and register for the rebate!

Terms apply.