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Billing Period

Refers to the period which the invoice applies to.

Billing / Correspondence Address

Address which the invoice will be mailed to. Please provide the billing address if it differs from the premise address.

Invoice Information

Invoice Date - Date which the invoice is issued
Invoice No. –Invoice number issued by PacificLight Energy
MSSL Account No. –Account number issued by the Market Support Services Licensee (MSSL)
PLE Account No. –Account number issued by PacificLight Energy
Currency –Billing currency of the invoice

Premise Address

Premise address which the invoice pertains to.

Due Date

Refers to the payment due date of the invoice. For payments via GIRO, deduction will be made on the due date or thenext banking day if the due date falls on a non-banking day.

Energy Charges

Refers to charges incurred for energy usage during the billing period. The charges billed are typically based on usage with a transmission loss factor (TLF) applied. The latest TLFs are available here.

Vesting Contract Debit/Credit

Vesting Contract Debit/Credit may be applicable depending on the price plan you choose. It is applied to the portion of your consumption that is covered by vesting contracts, as determined by MSSL. The actual amount varies according to the consumption pattern. Details on vesting contracts are available on the EMA's website : www.ema.gov.sg/

Transmission Charges

Refers to the regulated tariff rates levied by SP PowerAssets' for use of the transmission system. For premises on high-tension (HT) schemes and above, Contracted Capacity Charges (CC), Uncontracted Capacity Charges (UCC), and Reactive Power Charges (RPC) are applicable.

Market Support Service Charges

Refers to the monthly recurring charges levied by MSSL.

Market Charges

Refers to the market charges settled with the Energy Market Company (EMC).

Other Charges

Refers to any other charges that are applicable to your premise.

Last updated in July 2016


Click on the numbers for explanation of each item.