Why Make the Switch Now ?

Since July 2015, the contestability threshold has been set at 2000kWh per month (which equates to an approximate monthly bill of $500). The lower threshold allows a greater number of small to medium commercial customers to purchase their electricity from a licensed electricity retailer in Singapore of their choice rather than purchasing from SP Services at the regulated tariff.

Increased Retail Contestability Plus (IRC+) initiative


With Singapore’s electricity grid maintaining its status as one of the most reliable in the world, with an average interruption time of less than one minute per consumer per year, all of us can be confident of a reliable, stable and affordable supply of electricity with your provider of choice.


And because you are still drawing your electricity supply from the same electricity grid, your electricity supply will not be affected if you choose PacificLight as your electricity provider and energy partner.

Email us your current power bill and we’ll let you know if you qualify.