An inefficient lighting system produces a lot of heat and that lost energy is money thrown away. By simply replacing your lights with more energy-saving ones, you’ll be surprised at how much energy and costs you can save.

With our Smart Lighting Programme, we’ll help you replace existing lighting components with energy-efficient, and ultimately, cost-saving alternatives.

How it works

  1. We’ll conduct a lighting audit to identify key areas for improvement. Together with our preferred partners, we’ll undertake this audit free of charge.  
  2. Based on our audit findings, we’ll then implement a retrofit of your lighting.
*Terms and conditions apply

The PacificLight Energy Audit, Sustainability and Energy (PLEASE) programme is designed to help you optimise your energy consumption, reduce your business costs and raise your productivity.

How it works

  1. Energy Audit: We work with accredited Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) to perform an energy efficiency audit of your operations, propose areas of improvements and devise a monitoring system that lets you take control of your energy usage.
    Sign-up for a two-year electricity contract with us and this detailed audit report is absolutely free!
  2. Sustainability and Energy Performance Contract: We want your business to achieve long-term energy efficiency. Implementing improvements from the energy audit report will make your business more competitive.
  3. Government Funding: You may be eligible for government grants that support your drive for energy efficiency. As your energy partner, we can help you apply for funding.
  4. PacificLight Funding Support: PacificLight will match any government grants that are awarded, which effectively makes the PLEASE audit free-of-charge* to you.

*Terms and conditions apply