Owners of tenanted buildings and developments have the option to purchase electricity from an energy supplier via an en-bloc purchase agreement. However, the deal can often be impaired when tenants enter into individual energy contracts with various suppliers.

With PacificLight's Demand Aggregation Scheme, we'll reconfigure your buildings' metering design, allowing you to circumvent the need for consensus from your tenants to bulk purchase electricity for the entire building. Your tenants can remain with their preferred suppliers while you make the switch to PacificLight. This is yet another innovative solution you can enjoy as one of our customers.

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Are you looking for an electricity supplier who can manage your building's electricity ? As your one-stop service provider, we'll take care of all of your building's energy needs, from installing meters and meter readings to managing bills and processing payments for your tenants.

Under this programme, you'll enjoy the flexibility of either handling the tenant collection yourself and leaving the rest to us or outsourcing every aspect of the process to PacificLight and our partners. What's more, whichever option you choose, you're guaranteed to save valuable time and effort.

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Manual Meter reading

If you are currently using manual meters, we can help you engage meter reading service providers as part of our package. We'll do the legwork, so you don't have to.

Automated meter reading

You have decided to switch from manual to automated meter readers. Not a problem – we'll work together with our automated meter reader partners to determine the best system for your building. We'll arrange the leasing or purchasing on your behalf and oversee the installation.

With smart meter solutions, you can say goodbye to scheduled meter readings and benefit from access to your current meter reading at any time. You can rest easy knowing exactly how much energy you are using and when, which gives you more room to better plan your energy consumption and save costs. It's a win-win solution.

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